Spinal Energetics

For Deep Healing

Spinal Energetics is designed to unwind tension in the nervous system, releasing stagnant energy in and around the body through light and precise touch, breath and sound. 

Every session allows a deeper connection to each layer of self to unfold across the physical, energetic, mental and emotional body. 

Beneath the protective layers formed by the body in response to prolonged stress or trauma, lies our true essence and a profound longing for wholeness and safety.

What Is Spinal Energetics?

Spinal Energetics, crafted by Chiropractor and Counsellor Dr. Sarah Jane, is a holistic modality that merges Eastern and Western philosophies to engage with an individual’s spine, nervous system, and energy field. This approach empowers individuals to tap into their innate wisdom for self-healing, recognizing that each person is not solely a physical entity but a complex tapestry of energy that includes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soulful dimensions, intricately interwoven with their ancestry, experiences, and personal traits.

Acknowledging energy as a spectrum that ranges from underactive to overactive, Spinal Energetics practitioners aim to guide clients towards a state of homeostasis—a balanced equilibrium where wellbeing is not just an aspiration but a fundamental right.

The practice involves gentle, sometimes touch-free techniques that catalyze a dynamic interplay of movement and sound. This process naturally initiates the release of stored tensions, resistances, and narratives within the body, driven by the client’s own energy, intuition, and instincts. These movements and sounds are primal, emerging organically as a healing response to the practice.

At its core, Spinal Energetics is a collaborative endeavor. It is not about performing a procedure on a client but rather working together to enhance self-awareness. This partnership aims to adjust entrenched patterns of resistance or submission, paving the way for a seamless flow of wellbeing.

Spinal Energetics draws inspiration from a diverse array of practices, including Network Spinal, Kundalini Activation Process, Alpha Alignment, Shamanism, Inner Dance, Reiki, Esoteric Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Trauma Release, and Pranayama. It is enriched by the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Medicine, and the traditions of Yoga and meditation, offering a comprehensive and transformative approach to health and healing.

The Spinal Energetics Experience:

A person’s experience with Spinal Energetics is unique to them and each session can feel different. 

For some the experience is a more an internal and felt experience, as energy is cultivated and shifted. For others there is a more extroverted expressed experience. This can also be contributed by the energy layer being facilitated (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or soul). It’s crucial to remember that the intensity of movement or sensation isn’t necessarily indicative of the depth or benefits you’ll gain from the session. The body has its own language of healing, and everyone speaks it differently.

A person may experience feelings of joy, deep relaxation, renewal, or may experience a cathartic release of emotion and pain. Some may experience involuntary movement or feel the urge and desire to move or stretch, shake, cry, scream, to breathe deeply or make sound through the process. It’s important to approach these movements without judgment and to trust that your body knows how to release and balance its energy in the way that’s best for you. All is welcomed and supported on the table.

One of the ultimate goals of spinal energetics is to help you open and expand your being. As energy flows more harmoniously throughout your body, you might notice a greater sense of inner peace, increased vitality, and improved overall well-being. This expansion extends beyond the physical realm and can positively influence your emotional and spiritual state as well. 

How does spinal energetics differ from energy work in general?

Spinal Energetics is a specialized modality that specifically targets the alignment and balance of energetic connection along the spine. While it is a form of energy work, it differs from generalized energetic work in its specific focus on the spinal system and the energy centers associated with it.

Generalized energetic work may encompass a broader range of techniques and approaches to working with the body’s energy field, without a specific focus on the spine. This could include practices such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, and various other energy-based modalities, which may target different parts of the body or energy centers.

In contrast, Spinal Energetics involves techniques and protocols specifically designed to address the energetic imbalances and tension patterns along the spine, which is believed to be a central channel for energy flow in many holistic traditions. It combines principles from chiropractic care, energy medicine, and psychology to promote overall well-being by optimizing the innate intelligence of energy within the spine and nervous system as a whole.