Parenting Support & Family Therapy

It is not uncommon for parents to feel locked out and isolated from all that is occurring in their child’s life. During such a sensitive time period, parents will find it beneficial to have their own support network; gaining insight into the intricacies of their child’s mind while learning more successful ways to create connection and understanding within the household. 

As a parent, this is not just a time to simply ‘get through.’ This is a time to thrive – to equip yourself with the knowledge, understanding and awareness it takes to be your child’s main source of stability. 


What Parents May Be Experiencing

Anger & frustration over the everchanging dynamics within the household

Mental & physical exhaustion from being the emotional punching bag

Confusion as to how to help and where to turn

Sadness as your child gradually begins to push you away and reject your assistance

Worry about your child’s safety and well-being

Fear for what the future holds

What Your Child May Be Experiencing

Academic challenges

Angry & emotionally charged outbursts

Diminished sense of self confidence

Excessive worry and anxiety

Hormonal changes & mood instability

Impaired relationship with parents & siblings

Insecurities regarding body image 

Romantic relationship pressures and uncertainty

Self harm

Social isolation

Substance use

The Focus Of Our Work Together

  • Establish a more consistent and productive response to your child’s outbursts
  • Foster the ability to show empathy, support and love
  • Strengthen the dynamic between parents so that you can work as a unified team, reinforcing appropriate behaviors and expectations
  • Gain insight and understanding into the changing and evolving mind of a child
  • Re-establish and solidify the emotional connection to your child
  • Improve patterns of communication with your child to ensure compromise and understanding
  • Gain greater self-awareness and understanding of one’s own reactions
  • Master the art of self-regulation to ensure rational decision making at all times