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My life has forever changed

The whole atmosphere at Navesink Wellness Center is serene. Honestly, I look forward to my appointments each week and appreciate the opportunity to decompress. As an individual who suffers from severe anxiety, I have utilized all of the services at NWC. From psychotherapy, to massage, to nutrition. I have had the esteemed privilege of working one on one with each of these highly skilled, compassionate and wonderful women. My life has forever changed since walking into that office. I am now in control of my anxiety both mentally and physically. I have worked to accept aspects of my life that cannot change while working to improve upon the ones that can. I am a healthier, more productive and overall grateful individual now and I have NWC to thank.

I will never go anywhere else

I went to Navesink Wellness Center for a massage with Michelle Smith. I get massages often so I wasn’t expecting an experience much different then what I have become accustomed to. However, my Jin Shin Do treatment with Michelle was truly amazing. I have chronic pain in my legs and shoulders – through her work, I now have ZERO pain and a much larger range of motion. I also suffer from anxiety – and throughout my session, I was able to relax and experience such a deep calm, which never happens for me! I will never go anywhere else to get worked on!

I have never met a more compassionate, empathetic and caring person

I have never met a more compassionate, empathetic and caring person as Nikki Woods. Before coming to Navesink Wellness Center, I was in a really bad place in my life. Nikki has gone above and beyond to help me work through and overcome my problems, as well as build a life for myself that I can now say I love. I can finally say that I am becoming the person I have always hoped I would be, which is a direct result of Nikki’s guidance and help along the way. I am not sure what I would do had I not come here to begin working with her.
In addition, Michelle has played an essential role in teaching me how to relax in order to overcome my anxiety and high stress level. Her massages are incredible and her abilities exceed all others. For the first time in my life I am able to relax, which is something I am eternally grateful to her for.
Anyone and everyone needs to come to Navesink Wellness Center and experience how wonderful everyone here is!

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