Teen Therapy Services

What Causes Changes in Your Teen’s Behavior

If you notice your teeneacting out more or she seems unhappy, you’re making the right decision to explore options for help. After all, your daughter is going through a difficult period in her life.

She’s at a crossroads. As a teenager, she has yet to fully develop the ability to master rational thought. It’s natural for her to react with emotion and impulsivity. Her desire for independence and autonomy is also starting to emerge. So you’re witnessing two realities coming to a head, as your daughter tries to navigate mature situations without all of the necessary tools.

This is the time to equip yourself with the knowledge, understanding and awareness needed to be your daughter’s main source of stability and keep your connection with her.

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Teen Therapy Services Include:

Our teen counseling services address intense feelings such sadness, frustration, self doubt, loneliness and fear. Without the proper tools to navigate these roads, a young female can find herself entangled in darkness.

Although this period in her life will pass, the residual effect of her decisions and experiences as a teenager, can impact the path she continues on throughout her lifetime.

Now more than ever, your daughter needs the appropriate support as she works to gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of herself and the world around her.

Celebrating one’s own unique strengths and capabilities ,creating healthy boundaries with others to ensure that you are safeguarded both physically and emotionally, establishing a more rational and positive perspective on physical self, finding an inner voice that promotes self advocacy and confidence, fostering a romantic relationship that is rooted in respect, honesty and trust, gaining insight and understanding into the hormonal changes that impact mood, energy and cognitive functioning, identifying and nurturing supportive relationships with peers while mastering the ability to release more toxic & unfulfilling connections, improving relationship with parents and establishing a more cohesive dynamic within the household, instilling balance and organization with the innumerable responsibilities and expectations, mastering how to manage internal and external pressures, understanding the inner workings of the body and establishing more successful and productive techniques to self regulate, solidifying a deeper, more authentic sense of self acceptance, esteem and worth.