Life Transition Therapy
in New Jersey


Adjusting to Life-Altering Transitions

Throughout our lives, we encounter a number of life-altering transitions. Some transitions are joyous, adding happiness and fulfillment. Their other transitions, however, are rooted in separation and loss. Regardless of the nature of the transition, any significant change in our lives can evoke a plethora of emotions.

At Navesink Wellness Center, individuals acquire the ability to understand and appreciate the impact that each transition ultimately has on their lives; working to grieve the loss of what was and embrace what is.

Common Life Transitions Include:

Occupational Changes – New Job / Retirement: Starting a new job can be a thrilling yet daunting experience, marking a significant step in one’s career journey, while retirement marks a major life adjustment, transitioning from a structured work life to finding new ways to spend one’s time and redefine purpose.

Leaving Home for the First Time: This pivotal transition often symbolizes the first major step towards independence, bringing both excitement for the new experiences ahead and challenges in adapting to life away from familiar comforts.

Empty Nest: When children leave home, parents may experience a mix of emotions, from sadness and loss to newfound freedom, prompting a period of adjustment and rediscovery of personal and marital relationships.

Entering Into a New Relationship: The beginning of a new relationship can be exhilarating, introducing a phase of learning and growing with someone else, while also navigating the vulnerabilities of building trust and intimacy.

Getting Married: Marriage signifies a deep commitment and the start of a shared life journey, requiring adjustments and compromises while deepening the bond between partners.

Pregnancy / Birth of a Child: Welcoming a new child into the world brings profound joy and significant lifestyle changes, challenging new parents to adapt to their roles and responsibilities while nurturing their growing family.

Marital Changes – Separation / Divorce: Navigating through separation or divorce can be emotionally taxing and complex, signaling an end to one chapter of life and the uncertain beginning of another.

Moving Into a New Home: Relocating to a new home represents a fresh start and an opportunity to create new memories, albeit with the stress of adjusting to a new environment and community.

Tragedy / Loss: Experiencing tragedy or loss brings profound grief and upheaval, fundamentally altering one’s perspective on life and necessitating a process of mourning and eventually finding a path forward.

Aging / Menopause: Aging and experiencing menopause are natural life stages, often accompanied by physical, emotional, and social changes, prompting reflection on one’s life journey and adjustments to new health and lifestyle realities.


The Focus Of Our Work Together

Life transition counseling sessions can help you work through the process of recognizing your thoughts and emotions as well as developing the skills that can help you to regulate and cope with them.