Life Transitions

Throughout our lives, we encounter a number of life altering transitions. Some transitions are joyous, adding happiness and fulfillment. There other transitions however, that are rooted in separation and loss. Regardless of the nature of the transition, any significant change in our lives can evoke a plethora of emotions. 

In treatment, individuals acquire the ability to understand and appreciate the impact that each transition ultimately has on their lives; working to grieve the loss of what was and embrace what is. 




Common Life Transitions

Occupational Changes – New Job / Retirement

Leaving Home For The First Time

Empty Nest

Entering Into A New Relationship

Getting Married

Pregnancy  / Birth of A Child

Marital Changes – Separation / Divorce

Moving Into A New Home 

Tragedy / Loss

Aging / Menopause

Life transition counseling sessions can help you work through the process of recognizing your thoughts and emotions as well as developing the skills that can help you to regulate and cope with them.