Live Therapy In The Palm Of Your Hand

How It Works.

We are excited to share with you an incredible new tool that will further enhance your experience and support at Navesink Wellness Center—the Mindstream Daily Wellness App.

Developed by our esteemed founder, Nikki Woods, this innovative app has been crafted to empower you in your wellness journey like never before.

Users will gain access to our custom journal feature, where you can effortlessly track moods, thoughts and behaviors, fostering self reflection and a deeper understanding of your own mental and emotional state.

What sets Mindstream apart is its adherence to strict HIPAA compliance. This secure feature enables you to grant your clinician access to your journal entries, offering them invaluable real-time insights into your thoughts and feelings. This enhanced involvement allows for a more comprehensive and tailored approach to your treatment, ensuring that you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it.

Moreover, the app boasts a custom HIPAA-compliant chat feature, creating a safe and confidential platform for you to connect with your therapist between sessions. This functionality provides you with the opportunity to discuss sensitive information securely, further reinforcing our commitment to your privacy and support.

It’s important to note that the Mindstream Daily Wellness App is exclusively available to all of our clients at Navesink Wellness Center. This unique tool embodies our dedication to providing profound, meaningful, and consistent support to each of our valued clients.

We’re thrilled to introduce Mindstream as a pivotal addition to our array of services, further strengthening our ability to cater to your holistic wellness needs. 

Mindstream is a unique and comprehensive approach to online therapy. Users can keep track of their moods, behaviors and actions through our daily journal feature. Premium membership enables users to connect with their own clinician via our HIPAA compliant chat. Clinicians also have direct access to users’ journal entries, to help better assist them along their journey towards health and wellness.

By subscribing to our Premium Membership, you will have access to your own therapist, five days a week. Through our HIPAA compliant texting feature, you can reach out to your therapist whenever you need. They will make sure to touch base that same day.

This application is free for all subscribers who are looking to utilize the daily wellness journal and access articles from our very own clinicians. 

Premium Membership is a monthly subscription. For $399.99 a month, you will have the ability to communicate with your clinician every weekday, acquire full use of our daily journal feature, and be given exclusive access to our groundbreaking research and publications.

  • Users have the ability to connect with their therapist in real time – working through issues as they arise without having to wait until the next scheduled appointment

  • Therapists have the ability to read users’ journal entries – eliminating the need to take time remembering and reviewing all if the events that occurred throughout the week.

  • Conducive for busy schedules, Mindstream enables users to participate in the therapeutic process while on the go.

  • For those who are apprehensive about seeking help, Mindstream allows for users to engage with their therapist in the comfort of their own home and in a manner that promotes privacy and confidentiality.