Individual Adult Psychotherapy Services

Gain insight about yourself that leads to a more productive and engaged life

Through psychotherapy, you have the opportunity to better understand the inner workings of your mind. This allows you to uncover the aspects of yourself that help and hinder your personal growth. Through this process, you learn to understand how previous experiences shaped your identity, your views of the world and, most importantly, your perception of yourself.

When initial courtship’s glow inevitably fades, real-life issues arise. Adversity can also trigger deeper, unresolved issues that you experienced in your past. What separates the most successful relationships is the way couples overcome these obstacles.

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Treatment Goals for Therapy:

At our counseling and wellness center, our clients work to:

  • Acquire healthier coping skills for stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive thoughts/behaviors.
  • Become more equipped to anticipate and overcome obstacles that occur during life transitions
  • Develop a path of purpose and self fulfillment
  • Find acceptance and appreciation for yourself
  • Foster a romantic relationship rooted in respect, honesty and trust
  • Gain a healthier, more productive perspective on current life circumstances
  • Master how to manage personal and professional roles
  • Mourn losses such as separation, miscarriage, infertility, or death of loved one
  • Nurture supportive relationships with peers while mastering the ability to release more toxic and unfulfilling connections
  • Understand and embrace the range of emotions experienced throughout motherhood
  • Strengthen your sense of self identity and purpose