Psychiatric Services in New Jersey

In conjunction with other wellness treatments, some individuals may benefit from seeking additional assistance and support from a medical professional.

Through the utilization of psychiatric services, one can work to identify specific diagnoses and address the physical and emotional symptoms that are being exhibited.

When appropriate, medication can be prescribed to assist in minimizing adverse symptoms experienced from emotional instability and unease. 

Psychiatric Services Include:

Comprehensive initial evaluation and assessment

Mental health is complex and involve a variety of factors that impact one’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. By conducting a thorough assessment of one’s biological, psychological and social history, we can gain a more comprehensive understanding and form an accurate diagnosis.

Review of evidence-based treatment options

Based on one’s diagnosis, discussion will center on the available options to assist in minimize symptoms and establishing balance. These may include vitamins / supplements, psychotherapy and medication

Discussion of non-medication based therapies and practices

With any diagnosis, the first step is to address areas of one’s life in which they have control. This includes the integration of physical exercise, mindfulness practices, nutritional adjustments and cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Medication subscription & management

When necessary, medication will be prescribed to assist in minimizing the symptoms associated with the diagnosis

Meet our Specialist

Suzanne Chrebet, PMHNP

Suzanne is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). She
earned her Master’s of Science in Nursing through Monmouth University’s Psychiatric and
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program. Suzanne provides comprehensive mental health assessments as well as diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of mental health disorders.
Through her knowledge and experience, Suzanne is dedicated to finding the best treatment for each individual as she believes that each individual is much more than a diagnosis.