Reiki Treatments in New Jersey

Reiki has been regarded as a healing practice that focuses on energetically alleviating congestion throughout the body. Ki is the energy that flows within each of us and is responsible for creating healthy conditions. The flow of Ki can be impacted by the quality of ones thoughts and feelings. All negative or dis-harmonious thoughts or feelings can cause a disruption and ultimately lead to physical ailments within the body.

It must be understood that negative thoughts are not just simply in the brain, but also collect in various locations throughout the body. Congestion of Ki occurs at these locations where negative thoughts have collected and are usually the strongest because we are not consciously aware of their existence. Thus making it difficult to rid the body and eliminate their impact.

Reiki is guided by energy and knows exactly where to go and how to respond to the restrictions in the flow of Ki. As it breaks apart the congestion, organs and tissues can once again be nourished and begin functioning in a healthy and balanced manner.

Meet our Specialist

Kelly McCormick

Kelly is a certified Reiki Practitioner. Attuned and certified at Reflections of Light, Ocean, NJ. Kelly started her path towards alternative healing years ago when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Due to her illness, she left the corporate world in New York City as a Special Events Planner.

Kelly has discovered many alternative and spiritual methods which she practices daily. Reiki has brought a physical and emotional balance into her life. It is Kelly’s passion to assist others in healing, teaching and reconnecting to their own divinity. Through a healthy diet, exercise and holistic methods, Kelly is happy and grateful to be living the healthy lifestyle she has chosen.

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