Dietary & Nutritional Counseling

In this lifetime we are granted one body. It is up to each individual to care for that body and provide it with the proper nutrition in order to ensure the utmost functionality and health. Food choices should be based on what is most essential for our body's continued development and sustainability. However, too often, food plays a deeper role in people's lives; representing comfort, stability and fulfillment. 

As a result, the way we nourish our bodies begins to represent the value we place on ourselves and our well-being. As poor nutritional choices continue to be made, our body's physical health also begins to be impacted, leaving us vulnerable to illness, obesity and disease.

Through nutritional counseling, an individual is provided the opportunity to better understand their lifelong relationship with food. Thus providing an opportunity to become more insightful and aware of nutritional choice. Through this process, one also gains greater knowledge of how to care for the body and provide it with the appropriate nutrients it needs to thrive. This preventative measure is essential in avoiding chronic illness and disease.

Nutritional Counseling is available for clients who are looking to achieve the following goals

  • Organize a food journal to become more aware of what is consumed throughout the day

  • Become more cognizant of the role that food plays in one's life - identifying deeper rooted perceptions of self

  • Acquire greater knowledge and education on the benefits/ risks of certain foods

  • Learn how to make healthier choices to prevent health issues in the future, or to remedy current health problems

  • Work to create healthy and nutrient filled meals for self and family

  • Practice healthier lifestyle choices



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