Life Transitions & Their Impact on Relationships

The Impact of Life Transitions

Regardless of whether the transition is planned or unplanned, positive or negative, it is still a drastic change in our lives and evokes a plethora of emotions. 

As humans we crave consistency, and transitions alter that routine and structure. How we cope with transition is dependent on our own individual experiences and perspectives, as well as our relationship dynamic. 

Common Life Transitions

  • Occupational Changes – New Job / Retirement
  • Leaving Home For The First Time
  • Empty Nest
  • Entering Into A New Relationship
  • Getting Married
  • Pregnancy / Birth of A Child
  • Marital Changes – Separation / Divorce
  • Moving Into A New Home
  • Tragedy / Loss
  • Aging / Menopause

How Couples Counseling Can Help:

Whether change is happening to you or your partner, certain endings that evoke intense emotions such as grief, anger, sadness, blame, helplessness, hopefulness and confusion. 

It can be difficult for couples to properly adjust during times of transition, causing tension and a lack of empathy towards one another. 

In couples counseling, each individual learns to understand and appreciate the impact that this transition is having on their partner. Working to connect to those emotions while also finding the ability to properly identify their own emotions and advocate for their own needs. 



The Focus Of Our Work Together

Life transition counseling sessions can help you work through the process of recognizing your thoughts and emotions as well as developing the skills that can help you to regulate and cope with them.