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The Dangers In Telling Parents Not To Compliment Their Children
Experts are now cautioning parents about the dangers of complimenting their children too much, especially when the focus is on their innate physical attributes. The evidence states that praising your child about his or her outward appearance can inadvertently cause the child to base their sense of self worth and value on their physical characteristics, thus leading to potential body confidence issues. 

“Does my child really need to go to therapy? Isn’t he a little young for that?” 
 It can sometimes be a difficult concept to embrace as a parent - placing your child in therapy when they are so seemingly young and naïve to the world around them. What problems could they really be experiencing that require professional help? 

When a couple is told that they need to simply change the way they communicate with one another, the depth of their own identities and their identity as a couple is minimized. Yes, communication is key in a relationship. But marriage is much more then just simply communicating; it is about creating a secure, safe and reliable attachment to another being. 
Mindfulness has been described as an active and open attention to the present moment; an ability to observe an experience as it occurs, from a nonjudgmental viewpoint. Through practice of mindfulness, an individual first begins to recognize patterns of behavior - how the mind naturally attempts to wander off into a plethora of other thoughts - worrying about the future or repeatedly dwelling in the past. 
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