Marriage Counseling & Addiction


Overcome addiction and reconnect with your loved one

Addictions of any kind can have a debilitating impact on a relationship. If not addressed, the behaviors of an addict can alter the foundation in which the relationship is built. 

It can be difficult to identify the line between recreational behavior and addition. However, there is usually cause for concern if the use begins to negatively impact responsibilities, commitments and communication amongst the two individuals. 

The Impact of Addiction on A Marriage:

  • Detachment & Emotional Unavailability
  • Unreliability
  • Lack of trust and openness
  • Financial instability
  • Problems at work
  • Reduced interest in personal maintenance
  • Loss of interest in activities

What To Do If You Are Married To An Addict

  1. Learn more about addiction: It can be helpful to inform yourself about the nature, symptoms and treatments for addiction in order to better address the problem. 
  2. Stop enabling: Once you have a clearer understanding of addiction and the types of enabling behaviors that a partner may engage in, it is essential to learn ways to establish appropriate boundaries in order to assist in helping address the problem. 
  3. Care for yourself: It is essential to practice your own self care – focusing on your own mental and physical health, connecting with support. networks and establishing healthy ways to self regulate. In doing so, you become a better equipped to continue on this journey
  4. Seek help: It will be imperative for each of you to seek your own individual support while also working together as a couple.


How Couples Counseling Can Help

Although addressing the addiction is essential, couples counseling can also help the two individuals overcome other issues that have arisen as a result of the addiction. 
It is common for addiction to negatively impact the trust, intimacy and communication within a relationship. In addition, one partner may be unknowingly enabling certain behaviors, in fear of causing further tension and discord. 
In therapy, a couple will work to infold the intricacies of their dynamic. Learning to gain a better understanding of how the addiction has impacted their perspectives, feelings and behaviors. 
Together, the couple will work to regain trust by strengthening the foundation in which the relationship is built. 

The Focus Of Our Work Together

One goal of couples counseling is to identify and address any potentially addictive behaviors. In doing so, we work to understand the impact that these behaviors have had on the dynamic within the relationship and work to re-establish healthy connections to one another.