Michele Newman, MSW, LCSW

For your safety during COVID-19, Michele offers online video or phone sessions that are highly effective. Michele also offers face to face individual, couples, and family therapy sessions. Michele specializes in couples therapy as it relates to pre-marital counseling, communication styles, intimacy, trust, relationship dysfunction, divorce recovery, parenting, co-parenting, conflict resolution, and how to navigate daily stressors effectively. Couples’ therapy is not mutually exclusive with conflict. If you are seeking to understand your partner on a deeper level and would like to see noticeable improvement in the areas of trust, closeness and communication and intimacy, couples therapy is a wonderful option.

Michele has extensive experience treating individuals battling anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, impulse control, self image and identity issues. She has a comprehensive understanding of utilizing sensory play activities to address social and emotional distress associated with trauma.

Michele’s approach to therapy is client centered: clients are the experts on their lives and determine the direction and depth of therapy. Michele is highly skilled at offering her clients the tools needed to reframe thought processes to not only increase self-actualization and identity, but to also optimize strengths needed to achieve personal goals.
With over ten years of clinical training and experience, Michele has dedicated her career to providing unconditional positive regard, comprehensive clinical guidance, empathetic support & validation, authentic feedback and psychoeducation. Through this journey, you will work to become more self aware, insightful and empowered.