Erin Leo, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian

Erin Leo, MS, RD, is a Registered Dietitian whose early experiences within a food-loving family ignited a profound interest in the intersection of nutrition and wellness. Growing up with a father who transitioned from athlete to sports enthusiast, Erin was introduced to the critical role of dietary choices in enhancing athletic performance. This foundational knowledge fueled a lifelong passion that ultimately directed her professional journey.

Erin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University, an educational path that initially led her into roles as a skilled Buyer and Procurement Analyst. Despite finding success in these positions, Erin’s unwavering passion for nutrition called her back to her true calling. Motivated by a desire to make a substantive impact in the field of dietetics, she left her full-time job and pursued further education at Montclair State University. There, she completed an AND Certificate Program and earned a Master’s degree in Nutrition Education and Food Science.

Today, as a Registered Dietitian, Erin combines her love for sports and nutrition to improve the health outcomes of others. She has amassed extensive experience working with diverse age groups across various settings. Erin specializes in nutrition counseling, focusing on food label literacy, weight management, and disease prevention. She is also particularly knowledgeable in the area of disordered eating, providing compassionate and evidence-based care to those navigating these complex conditions. Her approach is deeply rooted in understanding the psychological components of eating behaviors, which complements her nutritional guidance and intervention strategies.

Erin is a staunch advocate for the belief that a balanced diet coupled with an active lifestyle can significantly enhance one’s quality of life. She applies her expert knowledge and personal philosophy in her practice, assisting individuals and families in setting and achieving their health goals with effective, practical tools. Her dedication to fostering healthier lifestyles is not only a professional commitment but also a personal passion, making her a trusted and influential figure in the field of nutrition and dietetics.