Ann Losch, BS

Clinical Intake Coordinator

Ann Losch is a dedicated professional in the mental health care field, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Fairfield University. With extensive training and a rich background that includes roles such as a juvenile probation officer and in-home social service provider through the YMCA, Ann has cultivated a deep understanding and expertise in addressing complex issues like substance abuse, family trauma, and defiant/oppositional behaviors.

Her journey in mental health care has always been driven by a strong advocacy for accessible and compassionate care. Ann has demonstrated this through her continuous involvement in community outreach and volunteer work with various non-profit organizations.

In her role, Ann excels at performing initial intakes, where she skillfully obtains necessary information from clients, making them feel comfortable and supported from their very first interaction. Her expertise in matching clients with the appropriate clinician ensures that each individual begins their therapy journey on the right foot, with a sense of hope and trust. Ann’s commitment to creating a welcoming and understanding environment for clients as they onboard into therapy highlights her invaluable contribution to fostering positive mental health outcomes.