Social media use among children is a hotly debated topic. But our founder, Nikki P. Woods, sat down with Inc.com, to explain the multiple benefits that can be reaped when social media is approached as an opportunity for building trust and helping kids to become more self-aware and resilient.

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Inc.com – Social Media & Teens



Nikki P. Woods, MSW, LCSW

Nikki Woods is a highly-sought after licensed clinical psychotherapist and founder of the Navesink Wellness Center in Rumson, New Jersey. After earning her Masters Degree at New York University, Nikki dedicated her career to studying the intricacies of the developing female mind. In her practice (both locally and globally), she empowers mothers to better support their daughters’ development, and assists young women in channeling their own voice – one built on self awareness, acceptance and love.

Her intuitive and insightful approach helps clients gain a greater sense of self worth, pursue life goals, improve relationship dysfunction, establish a more defined identity, and celebrate their own unique assets and capabilities. Her work has been featured in top publications such as Forbes and Inc. She works with patients both locally in Rumson, New Jersey as well as globally via her remote psychotherapy offerings.


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