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The Importance of Tracking Hormonal Changes

If you are noticing mood changes that are typically uncharacteristic of your daughter, there are some proactive measures we as parents can take to help them gain a greater understanding of themselves and their bodies. For some, this may occur as early as nine or ten years of age.

The reality is that a female experiences hormonal changes each day of her life, for the entirety of her life. It is not something to minimize or disregard, because the truth of the matter is that those hormonal changes play an integral role in the way she reacts and perceives both herself and her surroundings, while also influencing her intellectual and emotional capacity.

Tracking these changes can be an invaluable asset for both parents and children alike. 

It may seem premature or unnecessary but females need to understand the changes that occur within their bodies and connect those changes to the way they are feeling. This will simply entail taking a moment each day to rate her mood and note any physical symptoms.

When we as women are aware of this cycle, we are better equipped to prepare ourselves and to stay mindful of why we feel the way we do. It helps both parents and children in understanding certain patterns of behavior and encourages a different approach to conflict.

So for a young girl to be able to identify a pattern to her mood changes, whether that is slightly sad, frustrated or overwhelmed, she can better prepare. She can equip herself with the knowledge that her body is enduring changes, and that it will at times impact her ability to think and react rationally. She will work to tell herself that throughout that time period, it is most essential to engage in self regulating practices, and to be mindful of taking a pause before impulsively reacting, since that innate response will be tinged with the intensity of that hormonal change that is occurring within.

This approach highlights the need for self care and self awareness. It helps to alter the focus away from the superficial situation at hand and encourage a deeper awareness and understanding of her mind and body, while also strengthening the ability to self regulate. So no matter what external variables she is faced with, she can at least be fully stabilized from within to address the issues from a rational and controlled perspective.

Nikki Woods

Nikki Woods is a highly-sought after licensed clinical psychotherapist, founder of the Navesink Wellness Center in Rumson, New Jersey, and creator of Mindstream Daily Wellness App. After earning her Masters Degree at New York University, Nikki dedicated her career to studying the intricacies of the developing female mind.
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