Remote Psychotherapy Services

Our remote psychotherapy has been an immensely sought after service, with a specific focus on treating parents of preteen and teenage daughters. We understand and appreciate this tumultuous period in your daughter’s life; how the changes that are occurring within her impact not only her mood and disposition, but the overall dynamic within the household. It can be a highly emotional and trying time for everyone. However, we can be of assistance in navigating these changes - assisting both you and your daughter in becoming more self aware and in control of your emotions.

Finding the right therapist is essential to your success

Our therapists have extensive knowledge, experience and training in working with preteen and teenage females. It is a significant time in a young girl’s life, and the choices she makes throughout this period can ultimately dictate her long term path. You as her parent, are placed in an extremely integral role - for as she encounters the ups and downs of all that is to come, it is your job to maintain stability while providing support, empathy and acceptance.

No matter where you are, we are here to help


We guarantee that our work together will help to ensure a healthier transition and a deeper connection between you and your child. You will have access to your own therapist exactly when you need them - to receive guidance and encouragement in the midst of whatever issue it is you are encountering. Together, we will work to diffuse situations, gain greater understanding of the physiological changes that are occurring and establish a more appropriate and productive approach to finding resolution and peace.

This period in your daughter’s life is a remarkable one; a time in which she learns to understand herself, her value and her role in this world. Let us help you to ensure that she becomes the most self aware, empowered and insightful individual that she can be, while deepening your relationship and connection with her.

Have access to the highest quality of care in real time, so that together, we can diffuse conflict, create deeper understanding and find resolution.

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“My 13 year old daughter and I have been struggling to connect for the past few months. I started to notice changes in her mood - a relatively calm and pleasant child had turned into a volatile and emotional young woman. We argued incessantly, over every little thing. Her moods dictated how everyone else’s day was going to be. To be honest, I was at my wit’s end with it all. Luckily, I found NWC. Working with Nikki, I gained a greater understanding of what my daughter was going through. I started to recognize that some of these changes were out of her control, and that my behavior was only making things worse. I learned so much about myself and how to be a better listener, support and guide. I will forever be grateful for Nikki and all that my daughter and I learned in this process. ”

- Sarah, North Carolina

“My daughter has always been a very popular young lady. She had friends, was independent and seemed to really understand her value. However, as she entered into her preteen years, I started to notice some drastic changes. She started to become more unsure of herself, needy of attention and more dependent on others. It was sad to watch and at times I became enraged with how she was behaving. After working with Nikki I learned so much about what my daughter was going through. I no longer was angry at her - instead, I learned how to find empathy and to connect with her during this time in her life. I feel that through our work together, my relationship with my daughter is the best its ever been - and my daughter has gained the confidence again to be the empowered young woman I know her to be”

- Nancy, Massachusetts