When you think of meditation, certain stereotypes may come to mind. The truth is that meditation is a helpful practice for everyone. It involves deep breathing, compassion and mindfulness, which entails being aware and present. If you make it a regular habit like brushing your teeth, you can reap these numerous health benefits:

Numerous health benefits of meditation

  • Improved mental abilities. You will have greater concentration, memory and creativity. Meditation also increases the brain’s amount of gray matter and serotonin production.
  • Higher emotional wellness. Meditation decreases stress and gives you tools for handling stressful situations and negative thoughts. It also teaches you how to love yourself and feel gratitude, which boost happiness. Learning awareness also gives you the opportunity to discover who you are and gain perspective on your problems.
  • Better relationships. When you meditate, you nurture kindness and compassion for yourself and others. This allows you to be more authentic in your relationships, connect more deeply with others and be more accepting toward your fellow humans.
  • Greater overall physical health. Not only do your heart and mind benefit from meditation, but your body does too. The simple practice results in better sleep, stronger immunity, slower aging, higher metabolism and lower blood pressure. All this leads to more energy and a healthier body. Meditation also helps with pain management.

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