Meditation & Breathwork Techniques
In order to experience complete balance and stability in our lives, we must make the time to focus on the connection we have created with our bodies. When the stress of life becomes overwhelming, strength is found by turning inwards and allowing one's body to take control. Through active breathwork and body movement, there is a return to basics - finding peace, stability and balance by simply empowering the body to regulate itself. As one works to cleanse themselves of toxins and breathe in new life, change begins to occur and the soul's true identity can shine through. 
This is a fully customized experience for each individual. After an initial assessment, you and the practitioner can decide the best course of action to alleviate stress and experience authentic peace and sense of calm. 

This session can include any or all of the following modalities:
  •  Breathwork - Actively controlling our breaths as we inhale a new, refreshed energy and exhale that which no longer serves us
  •  Gentle Yoga - Basic movements to enhance the mind / body connection and release stored, toxic energy
  •  Meditation - Actively focusing our mind to mental clarity and emotional calm
Munire LoMedico
Born and raised in NY, Munire is riding the wave of change. A firm believer that if you want big rewards you got to take big risks. Munire took a leap of faith and moved to NJ, bringing her love and passion of yoga down to the shore. Munire completed her yoga+meditation teacher training in 2010, at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC and is certified through Yoga Alliance.

Munire is passionate about yoga’s deep healing nature, particularly the way in which it allows the possibility of creating a healing relationship with our bodies through movement and mediation and the freedom for our spirit to thrive. Munire is an eternal student who has infinite love and gratitude to all her blessed teachers. Munire is grateful and honored to be able to guide and share the gift of Yoga + Meditation.
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