Hypnosis and Integrated Imagery Regression

In each of us, we harbor certain characteristics and tendencies that define how we perceive ourselves and interact with others. On a conscious level, we acknowledge these traits and at times just accept their presence in our lives. We permit these characteristics to define us and consequently, to control our views of the world around us. If we allow ourselves to delve deeper however, we would see that these traits do not occur by chance. They are a result of experiences, from either current or past lives, which have resonated within our unconscious mind. Through integrated imagery regression hypnosis, we work to uncover the prior experiences at the root of both the disruptive and enlivening aspects of one’s current life experience.

Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis is available to clients looking to achieve the following goals:
  • Understand how past memories imprint and affect present life
  • Explore the time continuum of consciousness
  • Improve upon psychological and spiritual growth
  • Access the unconscious mind, which holds deeper wisdom and guidance
  • Discover origins of both positive and negative themes that affect personality
  • Relive, reprocess and release prior traumatic experiences that revolve around a specific theme
  • Awaken, clarify and enliven positive patterns, skills and abilities
  • Alter one’s self-image and confidence, changing the way one perceives him or herself in the world around them
  • Improve the ability to tolerate physical pain, either acute or chronic
  • Manage weight and alter the role that food has in one’s life
  • Improve abilities to handle stress and adversity with a more calm and even tempered mindset
  • Smoking cessation

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How we perceive ourselves around others is a crucial element in social interaction. If you aim to improve your psychological well-being and become a stronger, more complete person — then you may need to reprocess your self-image and past self in a more complete manner.

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