Individual Psychotherapy for Adults & Children

There are times throughout our lives where we feel stuck; where we are aware of the fact that something is weighing on our minds, but not necessarily what it is or where it stems from. So for most of us, we do what we know best - we just continue to move on..going through each day as we did the last, hoping that with time, things will just pass. What we soon learn however, is that time has only strengthened these thoughts, feelings and behaviors, affecting not only our own lives but the lives of those around us as well.

Through psychotherapy, individuals have an opportunity to better understand the inner workings of their own mind - uncovering aspects of themselves that have both helped and hindered their own personal growth. Through this process, a person learns to understand how previous experiences have shaped their identity, their views of the world and most importantly, their views of themselves.

Psychotherapy treatment is available to clients looking to achieve the following goals:

  • Acceptance and appreciation of oneself

  • Acquire healthier coping skills for stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive thoughts / behaviors

  • Become more equipped to anticipate and overcome obstacles that will occur during transitions throughout life

  • Develop awareness of unhealthy patterns of behavior while modifying these actions to produce more fulfilling results

  • Gain a healthier, more productive perspective on current life circumstances

  • Heal from past hurts, losses and traumatic experiences

  • Improve relationships that are unsatisfying, both personally and professionally

  • Improve communication, listening, self-assertion and problem solving skills

  • Learn to acknowledge, celebrate and respect one's own unique strengths

  • Understand and analyze how one's current thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are connected to childhood experiences and memories

  • Mourn losses such as separation, miscarriage, infertility, or death of loved one

  • Manage difficult people in one's life

  • Develop a path of purpose and self fulfillment

  • Process and heal painful feelings of loneliness, disappointment, sadness, guilt, shame, anger, envy and fear

  • Develop enhanced attention and awareness through mindfulness and radical acceptance

Couples Counseling

Many couples are apprehensive about engaging in therapy because to them, it indicates that the relationship is ending. However, couples who willingly attend therapy are more likely to find long term success as a result of their participation. The initial courtship’s glow will inevitably fade and real life issues will arise. What separates more successful relationships from others is the way a couple overcomes these obstacles. Adversity can trigger deeper, unresolved issues that an individual experienced in their own family of origin. 

These unsettled feelings could pertain to loss, abandonment, betrayal, rejection or conflict and will ultimately impact the way an individual addresses adversity in the relationship. Through therapy, each member works to become conscious of the way their past experiences are influencing their current interactions. Once that occurs, each person will attempt to modify their behavior, working to improve their ability to express themselves appropriately while also listening to and respecting the wants and needs of their partner.

Couples therapy is available to clients who are looking to achieve the following goals:

  • Communicate more effectively with one another

  • Identify chronic arguments in the relationship and address the underlying conflict or resentment

  • Develop a sense of responsibility for personal behaviors

  • Better manage daily stressors to avoid impacting the dynamic within the household

  • Learn to express painful emotions that are sometimes internalized

  • Reignite the passion, romance and friendship that was present in the initial stages of the relationship

  • Learn to listen and respect the wants and needs of your partner

  • Better identify one's own wants and needs

  • Create long term goals and dreams as a cohesive unit

  • Heal from past hurts, emotional affairs and infidelity

  • Improve connection amongst blended families

  • Create a new beginning after suffering from a divorce or separation

  • Address financial concerns as a couple, while creating an appropriate plan of action

  • Redefine parenting roles and establish more effective discipline within the household


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