Shakuju Therapy & Acupuncture

Shakuju Therapy is a form of acupuncture that is unique in many ways. This gentle and painless experience is suitable for individuals of all ages. Shakuju Therapy is unlike traditional acupuncture because instead of inserting needles, a specially-designed silver needle with rounded point is placed on the body, making for a very pleasant and painless acupuncture experience. Different reference areas are then checked periodically to monitor the patient’s response and efficacy of treatment administered.

This approach is based on the principle that all disease is caused by fundamental cold, or “chilliness”, which results from many factors: congenital, injury and physical trauma (including surgery), emotional states, lifestyle choices, and even climate. This fundamental cold is the body’s diminished ability to function properly. The aim of treatment is to warm the body to eradicate the cold (the primary cause of disease) and restore proper function.

Emphasis is placed on evaluating the condition of the abdomen.

This is the center of the human body, the center of gravity, where human beings received their first nourishment. Finding tight or painful areas here (the shaku and ju that give this therapy its name) is of primary diagnostic importance. Treatment is performed on the back to elicit change in these areas. Reduction or elimination of the abdominal findings confirms the fundamental cold has been warmed, and the entire body has been positively affected. 

Patients commonly notice marked improvement after their first treatment, including reduced pain, improved organ function, balanced nervous system, increased vitality and resistance to disease, and overall well-being. 


Additional Benefits of Shakuju Therapy

It is known for its ability to treat difficult cases. Because it treats the body on a more fundamental level, it corrects deep imbalances. It can treat issues that have not previously responded to acupuncture therapy.

Treatments are highly individualized. The practitioner is hands-on the entire appointment, monitoring the body’s response and administering appropriate level of therapy, so you can have confidence you are receiving the proper level of treatment.


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