30-Day Wellness Programs

For individuals who have continuously struggled with making lasting changes in their lives, these programs are for you. These intensive 30-day programs are structured to fit your specific needs and goals – fully customized to help you finally overcome the obstacles standing in your way and begin on the path towards consistent and healthier life changes.

Stress Management Program

Stress Management Plans NJ

Begin to understand the root causes of your reaction to stress; gaining greater insight into why certain triggers offset your mood, thoughts and behaviors. Learn specific ways to reframe your perspectives to avoid creating tension and chaos. In addition, you will become more knowledgeable of ways to decompress your mind and body through relaxation, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness training. Reconnect with yourself in order to control how you respond to the world around you, fully grounded and calm as you take on the responsibilities of life.

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Plans NJ

Connect on a deeper level to both your mind and body – becoming more aware of the inner thoughts and beliefs that prohibit you from maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle; understanding their origin and reframing your perspective to encourage growth and change. Gain greater insight into nutrition, meal proportions and nourishment. Learn specific exercises to strengthen and tone the body. Through this program, you will establish a more positive relationship with food, appreciating how it nourishes your body and promotes health and wellness.

Customized programs will be tailored to your specific needs.
Below is a list of the available services:

During an initial consultation with our Director, you will be able to establish a program customized to your unique goals.

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