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A Few Words From Clients Past and Present ...

“I was a bit apprehensive about coming in for therapy. But the minute I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and compassion. Nikki helped me feel comfortable to disclose very personal information. By talking about it, I was able to finally make sense of so many things that have been stifling me for years. With her incredible insight and understanding, I was able to make changes in my life and become the person I have strived to be for so long”
— H.P.

 “My husband and I have always struggled with our communication. I felt at a loss in our relationship and honestly assumed we were headed towards divorce. But we decided to fight for our marriage and attend couples therapy with Nikki. Not only have we become more communicative, but we now have more friendship, passion and love in the marriage then ever before. Nikki helped us reconnect by listening to each other, respecting one another and finding compromise. I have my best friend back and I owe it all to our marriage counseling at NWC. ”
— J.R.

“It was always difficult for me to identify the reasons why I acted certain ways - I tried to work through it and make changes but always felt stuck. However, hypnosis helped me to unlock some significant past experiences that I must have blocked out of my conscious thoughts. By becoming more aware of these experiences, I was able to connect the “whys” and better understand myself and my journey. Once that occurred, making changes was much easier since I finally had a full understanding of myself, my experiences and the way my mind internalized it all. ”
— N.M.

“I was apprehensive about healing my physical ailments without medication. It initially didn’t make any sense to me. But after Ed explained the process and began treatment, I immediately began to see changes. I was in awe of the progress my body made - I no longer react negatively to allergens that used to prohibit me from living my life. I am so grateful to have had this experience! I feel the most healthy I have in my entire life and was able to get to this point without any medication!”
— P.W.

“I have battled with anxiety for the majority of my adult life. It had gotten to the point where I avoided leaving the house - I quit my job and disconnected from lifelong friends because the anxiety to interact and be in social situations was too overwhelming. I decided it was time to get help. I have always been against medication so I knew in order to get better, this was something I was going to have to be committed to. From the moment I began therapy at NWC, I was hooked. With guidance and support, I was able to see how irrational my fears really were. I started to alter the way I looked at situations and began to embrace them head on. I am so proud to say that I am a different person today then I was a year ago. I am now employed full time, I go out with my husband and children without any apprehension and have rekindled old friendships while making brand new ones. So happy to say that I have regained control of my life!! ”
— C.M.