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Breathwork & Meditation 

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In order to experience complete balance and stability in our lives, we must make the time to focus on the connection we have created with our bodies. When the stress of life becomes overwhelming, strength is found by turning inwards and allowing one's body to take control. Through active breathwork and body movement, there is a return to basics - finding peace, stability and balance by simply empowering the body to regulate itself. As one works to cleanse themselves of toxins and breathe in new life, change begins to occur and the soul's true identity can shine through.
Private Individual or Small Group Sessions:​
Our practitioner will work with you on an individual basis to find the most appropriate and effective meditation & relaxation techniques for you. Through your work together, you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the physiological and emotional benefits of meditation and breathwork. In addition, our practitioner will assist you in practicing these skills so that you can continue to utilize these techniques on your own. 
Basic yoga movements can be integrated into the session to enhance the mind / body connection.